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The initial 10,000 piece release sold out on launch day in four hours. To join Women and Weapons and gain access to our community, and perks, find your WAW on our Verified OpenSea. Collection with the button below.

Our Story

Women and Weapons Season One is an art collection of 10,000 diverse, beautiful, and badass digital collectible pieces of art. The 200+ attributes that make up these pieces were painstakingly hand-illustrated by notable artist Sara Baumann a.k.a "Sparky." Each stroke was a labor of love that took months of planning to assemble.

The pieces are a perfect harmony of her hand-drawn traits and a wizard algorithm that combines them together in ways Sara could not have possibly even conceived on her own. Sara illustrated these women in a mid-century style full of nostalgia. They were purposefully equipped with awesome weapons like nunchucks, daggers, brass knuckles, and more to bring power to women in an era where they were viewed as less powerful. The weapons are also symbols for the amazing attributes women carry with them such as their empathy, intelligence, kindness, and education. Women and Weapons is also much more profound than an art project by an incredible artist.

This collection began living on the Ethereum blockchain starting in October 2021.

Giving You Ownership

We believe that many minds are stronger than a few. To build the most significant, global, and diverse collectible community in Web 3, we will need the help of all of you in our Women and Weapons family. For that reason we give you all all usage and IP rights of your NFT.