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Earth felt the showers of meteorites peppering the planet. These meteorites brought with them a novel element now known as Artirium.  During this time, World War II raged on. This new element started to become unlocked at the eager fingertips of scientists in the service of the war machine.  They develop a range of new technologies that draw on Artirium, including revolutionary methods of generating energy, weapons, and most importantly, infusions capable of maximizing and radically changing the human body.  

The new technology came with a caveat; only women proved to be capable of surviving infusion. These women develop powers and capabilities which begin to swing the pendulum of the war in both directions. As a result, the war featured thousands of women enhanced with Artirium.

After 20 years of conflict searching for dwindling sources of this element, the earth's supply is depleted. News from space has scrambled the old paradigms. Scientists have detected an abundance of Artirium radiation emanating from the planet Mars. As 1961 takes shape, the nations of the world prepare for a space race to the element's Martian origins. Actors with both good and bad intentions are already drawing the battle lines for determining who will control Mars’s Artirium supply and, as a result, the fate of humankind. 

Meanwhile, as the nations of the world move closer to the exploration of the Red Planet, intellectuals debate the ramifications. Will the space race bring wealth? Adventure? Perhaps even . . . mankind's first brush with intelligent life? 

So begin the Artirium Wars…

Frequently asked questions

Season Two launches on June 22, 2022.

1) We have over 100,000 followers and friends across our socials and only approximately 5,800 holders of our Season One NFTs. We wanted to create a separate, different, and larger collection from our original Season One that allows more of those followers and friends to become active participants in our Women and Weapons ecosystem and use our art as their digital identity.    

2) We firmly believe collecting art from prominent artists while they are still alive is freaking awesome. Art is utility, and we we want to reward and thank our Season One holders with more art. Sara Baumann a.k.a "Sparky," our Artist and Founder, has worked for months and hundreds of hours to assemble and hand illustrate hundreds and hundreds of traits that will yield some amazing pieces we can't wait to share with the world.  

3) We are utilizing Season Two to expand our Women and Weapons Universe, lore, and characters.

4) Finally, unlike our Season One contract and collection, which we intend to preserve, we view this Season Two contract as upgradeable and a place to further create and innovate.

No. This is completely new hand-illustrated art from Sara Baumann, a.k.a Sparky. There are also factions of good and evil and even enitrely new characters from other worlds. 👀

Owners of Season Two NFTs have full commercial and IP rights for the underlying art of the NFT right from the start.

The name, logos, branding, website, and trademarks of Women and Weapons are owned by us at Sparky Art House, LLC.

10,000 pieces: We hate gas, and we know you do too. For that reason, we got you covered. Season One holders will be airdropped a Season Two NFT. You will receive one S2 NFT per S1 NFT you own. You don't have to claim or do anything beyond holding at least one S1 NFT at the time of airdrop.

500 pieces: WAW Wallet reserved mints for future partnerships, IP development, marketing, advisors, and team. 

Open Edition: We will innovate to accomplish our mission, and do something unique.  In addition to airdrop and the WAW Wallet mints, we will do an open edition minting process. We will make S2 accessible to all who want to participate in our ecosystem and own a piece from Sparky. There are a colossal number of possible combinations of traits, and each mint will be a unique 1/1/X. We could mint 1,000, 10,000, or many more! Ultimately, the size of this collection will be determined by the community and demand of the market.

As a leader in the NFT space, we feel the responsibility to innovate and do something unique.

Open editions aren't new. Some great examples include the recent release of one of our favorite artists, XCOPY. This was a time-limited opportunity where anyone who wanted to buy XCOPY's art could do so and effectively get a "print" of the same piece from a fantastic artist. The team took inspiration from this but wanted to make it our own. So we are doing a time-limited open edition mint, but every single piece minted will be unique. We can do this because Sparky, our artist and founder, spent hundreds of hours hand-illustrating hundreds and hundreds of traits that can be combined to make an insane number of unique pieces..

Part of our mission is to build the most significant, global, and diverse community in Web 3.0, and we feel like this is an innovative way to accomplish that goal. Our hope is that this is an inclusive way to allow more of the 100,000 + friends and followers engaged from afar to become active participants and owners in the Women and Weapons ecosystem.

This is an artist-centric project.  However, that doesn't mean we can't invest in doing amazing things, innovating, and building cool products for our community and beyond. We intend to build one of the world's most meaninful brands around our art. To see a live and updateable exploration of our goals, navigate to the future tab on our website.

We're throwing it back to where it all began. We want this mint to be as inclusive as possible and it will be priced at .05 ETH.

90% of proceeds go directly to the WAW wallet and Sparky Art House, LLC. Like our Season One, 5% of primary and secondary sales will go to charity. One of our goals is to use this art brand to impact the world in a positive way and leave it better than we found it. To start, these proceeds will go to the Malala Fund to help girls worldwide gain access to education so that knowledge can become their weapon. This commitment is unwavering and will occur whether we sell 1 or 100,000 S2 WAWs in the open edition. Additionally, 5% of primary and secondary sales proceeds will go to our Patron Wallet, which is to be used to attempt to make a dent in the NFT-universe by purchasing/curating NFT art from talented, upcoming, global, and diverse artists to be showcased at various events over time. We will also expand the usage of this wallet to include community-centric events and gatherings.

The Open Edition period will be a 120 hour (5 day) time-limited mint allowing individuals to mint strategically and cost effectively. More details and educational content surrounding this new process will be provided as we get closer to launch.

Season One holders will be aidropped their Season Two pieces following the conlusion of the 5 day (120 hour) public mint. There will be no snapshot. Instead, we will airdrop the pieces directly to the wallets holding the Season One pieces at the time of airdrop.

This airdrop will take place on a one to one basis. You do not need to do anything to recieve the airdrop beyond holding a S1 piece at the time the drop.

Season Two FAQ Video