Our mission at WAW: Honor and celebrate the intrinsic power in women, while creating a world of characters that come to life and tell stories that inspire and empower the next generation.

We are devoted to furthering opportunities and empowering women worldwide through the intersection of art, the creation of narratives, and innovative technology.

Along the way, we will leave the world better than we found it, give back, and demonstrate the power in unity.

That being said, our tremendous growth has required us to develop our business quickly. But when you’re building the plane while flying it, it can be hard to remember why you took off from the ground in the first place. So with that in mind, we are making the following commitments to our community.

1) We will aim to take an ambitious art project and turn it into a vehicle for change.

2) We will operate with kindness and continue to make sure everyone feels welcome.

3) We will aim to incorporate generosity into every action. That means elevating other artists and giving back to groups that are aligned with our mission. We are still operating in a new wild space. We will continue to work with integrity no matter how big we become. We remain thankful for the community that made us. Finally, we resolve to stay true to our vision and the friends we’ve made along the way.


Real World::

Wearables (In Progress)

Women and Weapons holders can anticipate several exclusive token gated and public drops full of amazing apparel and provisions any holder would be proud to collect. We're also exploring collaborations with major fashion and streetwear brands.

To date we've completed two capsule drops. Our inaugral launch and our Amber Vittoria Collaboration. This item is still in progress for future iterations/drops. Stay tuned.

Real-World Events (In Progress)

We are exploring meet-ups, galleries, and gatherings of all kinds. While we've had some amazing activations thus far including, being 1 of only 8 NFT collections invited to participate in VeeCon 2022's NFT Land, Trailblazers, and party at NFT NYC, we are still going.  We want to take this amazing community we have built together and develop as many unique opportunities to meet each other as possible.



We are early.  The Metaverse exists today in Twitter, Instagram, and Discord.  We've gone where the attention is, but we are thinking years ahead.

The Otherside. (Exploring)

We have purchased deeds for Otherside land and will be exploring any and all possible WAW integrations in this burgeoning new platform.

Otherside, Sandbox, Decentraland, OnCyber, and SomePlace (Exploring)

We are considering these platforms and looking for opportunities to utilize them to fit our goals as a brand.

WAW 3D (Exploring)

Right now, you can identify as your WAW on Twitter with your profile picture. However, we envision a future where you can identify as your WAW in the Metaverse and use a 3D avatar in almost any built application. To this end, we are exploring the possibility of bringing Women and Weapons to life through 3D files that can be used across multiple platforms.


Idea Exploration::

3D Character Evolution (Exploring)

We are exploring the possiblity of taking our characters and making them 3D assets for our community. We want to empower and unlock your creative capablity through new tools. This is a herculean effort, and we are currently exploring all options to bring it to life.

Nova (In Progress)

We are changing the game and introducing Women and Weapons to a whole new audience.

Nova will become an animated digital influencer, and we've been working on for months in silence.

We've invested in motion capture tech and partnered with an incredible studio that has worked with Nike, Star Wars, Marvel, NBA, UFC, and more to breathe life into one of our characters.

We will be able to build out our powerful IP with speed not possible with traditional animation, and at a fraction of the cost, that can react and improve based on our audience's feedback.

She will also be able to reach millions more people beyond Twitter and discord on vertical video platforms everywhere to meet people where they are.

We can't wait. We've got a long way to go, but we are working hard. We think you will love it.

Partnerships (In Progress)

We are working on several partnerships, both big and small. We have a philosophy of collaboration, and we have already worked with brands like VeeCon, Coinbase, Coindesk, Tinder, Female Quotient, Brilliant Minds, Steve Aoki x The Untamed, Probably Nothing, Impact Theory, and more. If there is someone you think we should work with, let us know!

Season Two (Complete)

At our core, we believe art can be utility too. Sparky is in the art lab working on something amazing for everyone. We can't wait for you all to see it. Each holder of a Season One Women and Weapons will be airdropped a Season Two for free. This will work on a one to one basis.

For more information and FAQ on Season Two, click here: Season Two

Roots (Complete)

Sparky, our artist and founder is getting back to her roots in 2022. She is creating a 1/1 art piece for each month of 2022 (12 total supply) and giving it away to a random Women and Weapons holder each month. Sparky’s 1/1 pieces have a floor price of 6.5 ETH at the time of writing. Talk about an airdrop!

All 12 pieces have been completed and airdropped to lucky winnners.

Charity (In Progress)

Giving back is who we are at our core. To date, we have given just over $178,000 to the Malala Fund. The goal is to help girls and women worldwide in underserved areas gain access to education so that they can make their education their weapon. As always, 5% of our secondary sales profits will continue to go to charity and will be paid out at the start of every quarter. We are not stopping here, though! We are exploring other ways to give back and donate a metric ton of money to charity and do good!

Storytelling (Exploring)

We have many plans and ideas to bring Sara’s characters to life. This might be through comics, an animated series, or even live-action. The sky is the limit, and we are exploring every option available.

Check out where the narrative we are building on our Season Two Page.

Giving You Ownership (Completed)

We believe that many minds are stronger than a few. For that reason, today, we are announcing the full release of all usage rights of the underlying art of your specific Women and Weapons NFT in our 10,000 piece collection. Effective immediately. Do you want to start a podcast or youtube channel using your Women and Weapons avatar? You can do it! Want to build a massive fashion brand with your WAW at the helm? Yes, please! Do you want your WAW to be the star of the next hit video game or show? The sky is the limit. We can’t wait to see what you create. Help us collectively unleash our potential and shape a future for WAW in which we can all benefit and collaborate.

We strongly believe this is the way of the future and want YOU to have the power to use your digital identity in any way you can imagine. Along the way, we won’t stop leveraging our own vault WAWs to help build meaningful IP, partnerships, and tools for the community.

We are just getting started.